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QuoteWin® is PolyDyne’s flagship enterprise strategic sourcing product costing and quoting solution designed to meet all the sourcing needs of established companies.

QuoteWin  provides intelligent quote management and rfq processing solution for Contract Manufacturers, Original Design Manufacturers, and Defense Contractors. QuoteWin manages all aspects of the complex quote management and product costing processes, as well as sub-processes that contribute to the final price proposals submitted to end customers. QuoteWin streamlines all quoting related activities which results in the following value:

  • Increase win rate on new business (up to 25%)
  • Reduce material costs (up to 5%)
  • Reduce quote cycle time (3 days or less)
  • Increase productivity (30% or more)
  • Increase data accuracy
  • Improve decision making through increased visibility

Strategic Sourcing

A robust request for quote (RFQ) web interface with suppliers enables the continuous information flow of pricing, availability and other general market data. With a constant pulse on your supply chain through this centralized product costing database and a Supplier Relationship Module (SRM), you can quickly determine the best source for a requirement with the complete knowledge of all the factors that can affect a sourcing decision.

BOM Costing

Determines what it will cost to build a product at various volume breaks by employing a rich functionality to execute direct material RFQs, labor, and overhead cost estimation. Also supported is the process of adding margins and rolling up a final price proposal for a customer.

Labor Estimation

Estimates manufacturing costs, including labor and equipment costs, based on work center routings and standardized time studies. Centralizes estimation knowledge and standardizes estimating methods across the entire organization while accounting for the unique labor and machine rates that exist at each manufacturing facility and global region.

Cost Rollup

Handles flexible and extensive markups to material, labor and overhead costs as well as non-recurring engineering (NRE) charges. Calculates gross profit margin across various cost elements.

Commodity Management

This process requires consolidation and aggregation of component demand across the enterprise. On demand translation into supplier part numbers, commodity information and spend analysis is also supported. This information gives our customers the best leverage possible in periodic negotiations with suppliers.

Business Intelligence

A suite of reports transforms the captured data into information that enables our customers to spot trends and make the most knowledgeable and profitable business decisions.


"My impression of QW is that it is excellent and will make our lives easier and our response time better."


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